Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Comes In Many Forms

Having recently gotten into cutting horses (can you say addictive?????). I realized that I had to have a new saddle to ride my new horse. Well when you go show, then you need new chaps because those western pleasure ones just won't do. So off on a mission I went to find me some "real" cutting chaps. Seems unless you live in Texas, they can be rather difficult to find.

In my photography travels, I met a saddle bronc rider by the name of Richard Lamoreaux. Not only does he ride broncs, he makes saddles and guess what? He makes the most beautiful chaps for the rough stock riders (Bareback riders, bull riders and saddle bronc riders). We got to discussing chaps, and well one thing lead to another and low and behold I now have a BEAUTIFUL pair of real cutting chaps.

I do not have any shows however til fall to show them off. So, I may just have to wear them to the grocery store!

So - Thank you Richard - I Love Them!!

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