Saturday, April 10, 2010

Russel Houston 4/9/2010

Got to spend yesterday morning with artist Russell Houston. What an incredible man! A smile that never quits and and amazing artist. Check out his work at, I am sure you will recognize his work. He was taking reference pictures for a new painting he is working on. It was incredible to watch his creativity at work.
He came out to shoot a bunch of shots to make sure he would get the horses action in his painting just right, along with the rider's. With a vision in his head and a "rough sketch".....let's just say his rough sketch is really a small painting and is something anyone would be proud to hang on their "Sketch" - I think NOT!!! lol
While refering back to his sketch, he would discuss with his model Jeff, what he was looking for from both horse and rider. Now I have been riding and showing horses my whole life, and when you want a horse to do an exact movement, good luck to you. It is not quite as easy as it sounds, but Jeff seemed to get exactly what Russell was looking for. (Then I found out they have been working together for ohhh about 30 years.)
Needlees to say it was a treat meeting and being a part of this creative process. Can't wait to see the finished painting.

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