Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Friends equal Great Day! 05/24/2010

Ever have one of those days that you get to go spend with friends and get to just relax and have fun? We got to have one of those yesterday.
AnnDee and Stanton White needed some pictures of some horses for a sale they have coming up. Well, that involved horses needing to be roped on, and while Kelly's horse is still layed up from his little New Mexico adventure, AnnDee and Stanton were kind enough to let Kelly rope on one of theirs. Me? Well I got to sit at the bottom end of the arena shooting away!

We spent the morning roping (ok they roped - I shot pictures.....). And had a great time. Burley tried a little shoot dogging, which ended up being more of Karson dirt skiing behind the steer than anything! Go Karson!! I think I like ranch shoots more than events - more pressure, but less pressure at the same time. Funny how that works.

Once we got plenty of shots and everyone had enough roping, we had the most amazing lunch! AnnDee and Stanton you guys can cook for me anytime!! How does tonight sound???? Let me just say everyone needs to have more days like this.

Thanks guys! We had a blast, can't wait to do it again!
Check out the rest of the pics at - under ranch shoots

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