Monday, June 7, 2010

Is it Spring yet? 6/7/10

Hmmm..... I guess where you are from defines Spring. Living in Phoenix, well not sure we really have a Spring, as today it is supposed to hit 110 degrees. While Wells NV, on the other hand, just last week was in the low 50's during the day. The horses did not know wether they should grow more hair or loose what they have.

Trying to shoot pictures in sleet is not much fun. (Actually the first day it was raining I didn't, the next day I figured out how to keep the camera dry. Yeah!!!) But seeing all of our friends and rodeo "family" was well worth the rain!

Between wind, cold and rain, I was looking forward to coming home. Now that I am home - not so sure. Guess it really is true - "Careful what you wish for"!!!! I have decided that I will just wish all my friends and family happy and joyous days - regardless of the weather.

Not sure where our next adventure will take us, but they always seem to be one!

PS did I mention the BBQ at Donna's Ranch? (a Nevada Brothel) ..........Guess you will have to check back for that one.

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